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I Was a Level Six

but I am who I am.

Tony Almeida
25 March
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Tony Almeida is 35, Hispanic, a resident of the sunny state of California, an ex-convict, an ex-Marine, an ex-husband and a former agent of the Counterterrorist Unit in Los Angeles. Proficient in computer science (hello master’s degree from Stanford!), Tony’s skills as an agent, interrogator and leader ultimately won him position of director of CTU:LA (that, and a series of unfortunate events, like multiple deaths within the agency). However, his position as director and agent of CTU was terminated when Tony was arrested for helping a terrorist who had kidnapped his wife, fellow CTU agent Michelle Dessler. Tony was charged with treason and sent to Federal prison for six months until he received a presidential pardon from David Palmer, with the aid of Jack Bauer.

A year after Tony was released from prison, Jack, who found Tony unemployed, divorced, and a drunk, called Tony back into service. Tony reluctantly went to CTU on Jack’s orders, ultimately being reinstated and helping replacement director Michelle Dessler with tactical when the present director stepped down. Tony and Michelle reconciled and left CTU to start a new life together. That’s canon. In Milliways, Tony and Michelle reconciled before they even kissed in season four, and are presently living in room 48 together. Tony also suffers from depression and had attempted suicide twice before Michelle arrived at Milliways.

Tony is 5’9”; has broad shoulders; wide, dark brown eyes; and wavy black hair. He is considered to be attractive although he is not deliberately seductive. He knows what he wants and how to get it, but his methods are based on honesty and true need, not on selfishness and personal gain. His voice is quiet, his speech concise. He tends to come off as standoffish during a first impression. He is emotionally transparent, prone to jealousy and anger. He takes questions of any authority he may have personally and can be arrogant at times. Despite his flaws he can be a true sweetheart and a good friend. There are events in his past he is not proud of that he's trying to atone for when he's not trying to forget.

Tony is madly in love with Michelle Dessler. He might find other women attractive, but he'll never place them above Michelle and would never consider cheating on her. In spite of fist fights and frequent periods of not speaking to each other, Tony's closest friend is Jack Bauer. Neither Jack-mun nor Tony-mun understand why they're close friends and not sworn enemies (most of the time); however, it must be said that, while Tony can make friends with just about anyone he wants to, Tony can only ever have a close relationship with someone who's shared a past with him. Which might explain why he had a romantic relationship with Kim Bauer once in Milliways. Or not.

At present, Tony is a bartender at Milliways on Thursday nights. He's also engaged to Michelle. THEY GOT MARRIED, WHOO!


Tony comes from the FOX television drama “24,” created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran. This journal is not affiliated with either party, or the actor who plays Tony (Carlos Bernard). This journal is for RPG purposes only.

Tony’s mun is buongiornodaisy. Unless otherwise noted, she created all icons and graphics used on this journal.

I'm Tony. This is my life.